What is the difference between Party and Ultra Sail Week?

What is the difference between Party and Ultra Sail Week?

You decided to do Eurotrip this summer and doing SailWeek is definitely on the list. You are just not sure what Week to pick? Party, Adventure, Ultra Week 1, Ultra Week 2…

What is the difference? What’s the gender ratio? What’s the average age? What is included? How much is the extra cost?

So many question to ask while trying to figure out what route would be the best for you.
The difference between Adventure and Party is clearly shown in one of our previous blogs.



Our story started with the Party Sail Week and up to today It has been the most popular route.

In the high season the number of boats goes up to 30 per week. In early June, late August and September it’s more likely the number of boats is going to be around 10-15. On busier weeks we have circle raft parties and on less busier weeks line raft parties.


Ultra Sail Weeks are closely related to the Ultra Europe music festival and in those two weeks we always have around 50 boats per fleet.

One of the most recognizable things about Ultra Sail Week is our famous circle raft party with more than 50 yachts and a DJ.


  • PARTY: Party starts June 2nd and finishes September 8th. That means You’ve got 14 weeks to choose from.
  • ULTRA: Ultra is on for just two weeks, from June 30th to July 14th.


We would say it’s the same on both routes. Mostly people from 18 to mid 30s, group of friends, couples, single travellers from all around the world.

Average age on Sailweek cruises is from 18 to 35


Through the last couple of seasons the gender ratio was always somewhere around 50% – 50%. That doesn’t mean that we don’t have weeks with more guys than girls or other way around.

International mixed gender crews on Sail Week Croatia


If you are travelling with friends and booked a full yacht, You already know the most of your crew.
If you booked spots we’ll place you on a mixed gender yacht with people similar age.


If you are a couple, it’s more likely We’ll put you on the boat with other couples or group of friends.


If you are a single traveller, you’ll probably share a bunk bed cabin with other single travellers of same gender. You’ll be put on the mixed gender boat.

Of course it’s difficult to make the perfect crew lists regarding age, gender and preferences but we always do our best. If you have any special requirements please contact us at info@sailweek.tours or put your preferences in the note while fulfilling the crew list details


Everything and by that we really mean everything.

  • skipper
  • spot on the boat
  • groceries for breakfast and light lunch
  • unlimited Wi-Fi on the boat
  • port fees
  • taxes
  • fuel
  • bottled water
  • water taxi
  • end cleaning

Also you can bring your own alcohol and food on the boat with no extra charge.

The only difference between Party and Ultra boats is that the Party boats are equipped with Stand up Paddleboard and snorkeling gear.

Sailing is fun


are exactly the same:

JUNE 30 – JULY 7

  • Saturday: Check in from 10 a. m. till 6pm at ACI Marina Split – afternoon sailing to Brac island/welcome SWC Party in Supetar
  • Sunday: Makarska – Party in the real Cave, Club Deep
  • Monday: Bol – Brac island – SWC Party at Auro Beach Club on the most famous Croatian beach Zlatni Rat
  • Tuesday: Vis – Old military fort island, Party at the Fort George
  • Wednesday: Circle Raft Party!!! – Pakleni islands / Hvar
  • Thursday: Hvar – Pakleni islands/ Hula Hula Beach
  • Friday: Return to ACI Marina Split / ULTRA EUROPE Split (just for the Ultra 1 guests)
  • Saturday: Check-out of Yacht latest at 9 a. m.

Ultra Week 2 is different because of

JULY 7 – 14

  • Saturday: Check in from 10 a.m. till 8PM at ACI Marina Split / ULTRA EUROPE Split
  • Sunday: ACI Marina Split / ULTRA EUROPE Split
  • Monday: Bol – Brac island – Ultra Regatta Party at Auro & 585 club
  • Tuesday: Hvar (Palmizana Marina) – ULTRA BEACH PARTY
  • Wednesday: Vis – ULTRA Resistance Closing Party
  • Thursday: Circle Raft Party!!! – Pakleni islands / Hvar
  • Friday: Return to ACI Marina Split / Final party
  • Saturday: Check-out of Yacht latest at 9 a. m.

Boats are docked in ACI Split city centre marina until Monday morning 10 a. m., July 9th.

That means You’ll have accommodation on the boat which is 20 minutes walking distance to the festival venue or just 5 minutes by taxi.

Beautiful right! πŸ™‚ Other companies start their tours from the Marinas which are located 30-40 km from Split.


SailWeek Info desk, place where you check in and collect wristbands


  • Guests from Ultra Sail Week 1 are going to pick up their ULTRA EUROPE wristbands as soon as they dock back in ACI SPLIT MARINA on Friday afternoon, June 6th.
  • You can pick them at the SailWeek Info desk from early afternoon till 10 p. m.


  • You can pick up your ULTRA EUROPE wristbands on our SailWeek Info desk in ACI Split Marina.
  • SailWeek Info desk is going to be open on Friday (6th) and Saturday (7th) of July from 10 a. m. to 10 p. m.

While picking up Ultra wristbands you will be asked to show us your Passport or ID.

Hope we helped you with this and made your decision just a little bit easier.
If you have any questions regarding this you can always contact our SailWeek information center.

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