5 reasons to go on Party & Ultra SailWeek Croatia

5 reasons to go on Party & Ultra SailWeek Croatia

Sailing in Croatia is like nothing you’ve ever experienced before! It’s the perfect mix of exploring the amazing islands of Croatia and partying all in the same week! What more could you ask for?

Here are 5 reasons why you should book your Croatia adventure with Sail Week Croatia.

1. The people you meet

Regardless of if you’re going by yourself or in a group of eight you’re going to meet so many people from all around the world.

SailWeek Croatia crew party on the catamaran

If you’re going in a smaller group, you’ll be travelling on a yacht with other people you haven’t met before and it’s one of the best experiences. You and your new travel buddies become a family where you all pitch in to buy more alcohol and have cute dinners in town together. You all help to clean up when there’s a mess after cooking and the person with the spray-on coconut sunscreen becomes everyone’s best friend!

Not only do you have an amazing time with your new yacht family, you also have time to mingle with people from the different yachts who are sailing with you.


  • swimming in the ocean 
  • partying on the islands 
  • jumping from boat to boat 

you’ll soon find yourself sharing a watermelon filled with vodka on someone else’s yacht by the end of the week! Trust me, it’s epic! 

2. The Parties

The Croatian nightlife is next level. One night you’ll find yourself dancing on a pebble beach under the stars and the next you’ll find yourself dancing inside a rock cave in Makarska!

Sail Week Croatia have the greatest party destination on each island and the best part is, it’s all organised for you! All you need to do is follow the crowd and you’ll find yourself dancing to summer tunes with everyone on Sail Week Croatia!

Amazing SailWeek party in the real cave club in Makarska

3. The Day Activities

Sailing in Croatia isn’t just about the parties – even though they are some of the best parties ever! The day activities on each island are a mix of adventure and sightseeing.

For some adventure, you can go

  • ziplining,
  • cliff diving and
  • hire a scooter to explore the whole island

Or, you can relax on the island by visiting some of their picturesque beaches, exploring the town and finding the amazing lookouts for your next Instagram picture.

 SailWeek day activities on the Dalmatian islands

4. The water

The water is like nothing you’ve ever felt before!

You’d think that jumping in the middle of the ocean would be freezing but it’s the exact opposite! It was so warm and calm, our skipper had to bribe us to get out of the water so that we could make our way to the next island.

Turquoise waters of the Adriatic

You’ll be dreaming about the water long after your sail week!

5. The Circle Raft Party – the best party on water!

This is the one party that everyone has been waiting for… and for good reason!

The skippers find a secluded cove between the islands and set themselves up in a circle making it your very own private pool! Before long, everyone has their inflatable toys out, everything from inflatable pizzas to giant yellow ducks and unicorns. The Sail Week crew bring out giant speakers and set up a DJ stand on one of the catamarans.

Then the party starts!!!

Everyone comes to the centre of the circle to dance together on their inflatables while others dance on their yachts and at the top of catamarans. There is no other party like it! 

SailWeek Croatia circle raft party

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