Why you should book Ultra SailWeek

You haven’t experienced Ultra Europe festival if you didn’t combined it with SailWeek Croatia. #soznotsoz

Sure, you can go to Croatia and only do Ultra but you’ll be missing out on the whole experience and trust me, you don’t want to miss out.

Ultra Music Festival is one of the most popular EDM festivals in the world with internationally-loved producers and DJs like Axwell Ingrosso, DJ Snake and Steve Aoki playing straight fire for three days straight into the early hours of the morning.

Now imagine that, but for a whole week – that’s what Ultra SailWeek is really like.

Not only is Ultra SailWeek the biggest route of the year with over 50 yachts and 400 guests at a time, but you’re sailing with hundreds of people who share the same passion for music, partying and adventuring as you do.

SailWeek crew preparing for the best week of their life

No duds here, ladies.

The route is 7 days of non-stop exploring and partying. I mean it when I say non-stop! You’ll visit islands like Brač, Hvar and Vis and party in some of the hottest destinations in Europe while being surrounded by the unique beauty of Croatia.

The route starts and finishes in Split which makes it easier for you to get to and from the festival. The arena is just a short walk from the Marina, so it’s the perfect location!

This route runs for just 2 weeks with Ultra Music Festival right in the middle which means you get to choose if you want to finish your SailWeek route with Ultra or start with it.

While I was on SailWeek there were so many debates about which week was better – but they are both amazing in different ways.

Ultra Beach Hvar is on of the best Ultra SailWeek parties

First week- Finish SailWeek with Ultra

If you choose to finish SailWeek with Ultra it means you have 5-days-worth of pre-Ultra partying where you meet hundreds of people. Trust me, you’ll start to feel the hype building. When Ultra comes around, you’ll get to spend it with all your new friends from all around the world. You’ll meet up for pre-drinks together and play a little beer pong before heading out to the festival as one big group.

SailWeek have seriously thought of everything! This year, they have a VIP SailWeek stand in the stadium making it 1000x easier for everyone on sail to meet up during the festival. Let’s be honest, we all know that relying on internet service to find your friends in the middle of a festival is like finding a needle in a haystack blindfolded!

Second week – Start SailWeek with Ultra

If you chose to start your Sail with Ultra you’ll have all the perks of having an Ultra Destination pass (if you include it in your ticket). That means you have 3-day access to all the hottest post-Ultra parties including Ultra Regatta, Ultra Beach, After Beach and the Resistance Closing Party. You’ll spend the next week keeping the hype going by jumping from party to party and meeting so many different people along the way.

Regardless of which week you go, the vibe on the yachts are insane! From the circle raft party, day parties on the beach and the night parties, you won’t want to leave! It’s as if Ultra lasts for a whole week!

Floaties on circle raft parties are a must have


If you have any questions regarding this you can always contact our SailWeek information center.